Will Adventure for Food

Session 1, Will Adventure for Food

Session 1, 6/27/08


 The characters started in their newly bought store in Sharn figuring out what the hell they were going to do with it. Seconds into the conversation an old man runs into the shop asking for help, followed closely by a warforged and 2 kobolds. After one of the longest most drawn out close quarters fights I've ever had in a game the players won. The old man was killed in the fight but the characters find a satchel on him containing a black journal with silver embroderie on the cover. The party's artificer begins ripping apart the warforged to study him( at this point im debating on how i want to handle alignment change) and the shifter in the group begins ripping apart the dead kobold. One kobold was incapacitated and the rest of the group begin interrogating him. They find out he was hired by the warforged and all he was interested in was the journal, but he really doesn't know anything else about it.


Shortly after the guards show up and stop the gore fest that the artificer calls "studying" and ask what the hell happened. The characters explain what happened and why they're doing what they're doing and tell the guard he can confirm it with the living kobold. The guard makes an apparently racist comment about the kobolds "dog language" and takes the characters downtown for further questioning. After a grilling for their actions earlier they're released with nothing more then a warning and some stern looks for their veiws on the city guard (the word incompetent coulda been used i forget).


After the characters get back to there shop they find that they've been broken into while they were gone (more words about the incompotent city guard follow) and find the only thing missing, mainly the only thing they had, is an old newspaper that the party druid was using as a blanket. Jin and Arther decide to go check the university district to find out more about the journal they forgot to mention to the guards, while the rest depart on the mystery of the stolen newspaper.

The druid manages an amazing track check so he follows the tracks of the theives to a house a couple blocks away(basically a mirror image of the characters store with stairs on the inside of the bottem floor). After a 10 min conversation about trapped doors and unlocking them they finally try the knob and find it unlocked. They sneak upstairs and find 2 orc children.They do what any adventuring party would do, scare the shit out of the kids and debate on what to do with orphan slaves(more debate on alignment change). They end by sprinting past the kids mother as she arrives home to and run back to their shop.


Arthur and Jin arrive in the university district and manage to find someone they think might be able to help with the journal. Jin, changes himself to look like an elf to talk to the guy (his usual form is that of Abraham Lincoln) and tells the man the journal was a gift from his grandfather. The man takes a second to look over the book and looks up confused at Jin. Apparently the book is an old House Cannith heirloom but Jin makes his bluff check so the man rolls with the confusion. They ask him if he could find a buyer or any other information on the journal, and he tells them to check back in 3 days.


The characters meet back up, exchange stories, and decide to turn there shop into a bar. They begin gathering supplies over the next 2 days, one aqcuisition is the Dwarf bartender Jeppo. They also rent out the basement of their building, along with just about everyone else in there building, to store stuff in. When they check it out the only thing that seems to be "stored" down there is a pile of dead cats. On the second day a woman wakes them up and begins asking questions about the old man that was killed there and anything he might have been carrying namely a journal. The characters tell her they don't have it but may be able to get it depending on her price. She offers them 200gp to return the journal and they work it out for her to come back in 2 days.


The characters return to the university district to ask their contact there about any findings he may have made on the journal. He explains that he couldn't find out much more information but found someone who is interested in the journal. He says she's a relative of the house cannith and basically explains the woman the characters met the day before. The characters continue there work on their new tavern untill the next day when they meet with the woman again. She puts down a bag of 200gp for the journal, touches her Cannith signet ring to it and reads a page. She closes the journal and asks the characters if they'd be interested in more work. She then explains very cryptically about an item she wants to get that is in a forge 57 below Sharns lower districts. 


Session End.


Also the end of me using pre-written adventures, I'm apparently horrible at running them.

Stay tuned for many mysteries to be solved! Why did the orc steal the characters newspaper? Why is there a pile of dead cats in the basement? Why was an old man murdered in the characters shop before they're shop even opened? Okay so some mysteries not all of em.



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