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House Rules:

Time between sessions: As said above time between sessions can be used to do the things that shouldn't take up actual play time. Any item creation done during offtime has xp cost's reduced by 1/2 but gold costs increased by 1/2.

A proffesion may be practiced in the offtime to bring in suppleemental income to a character. When we return to game the character will make a check using the proffesion. Add the characters level and this will be how much was earned (Critical successes will be allowed on this in that case roll another check add the character and multiply by 10 and thats how much is earned)

Players may make up "shopping lists" for this time too. This will be taken as a character searching for the best deal on a particular item or shopping around for that really hard to find item. This will be resolved at the begining of the next session. (getting "shopping lists" to me earlier then the beging of the next game session may result in more of a discount)

Any normal crafting may be done during this time as long as time allows. The player just needs to make a list of items to be made and then checks will be made at the begining of the next session.

A character may also decide to use the time in between sessions to take training in a skill or weapon profiencey. For skills you may train to get one skill as a class skill not normally on your class list. Weapon prof. will be trained in after a total of 4 sessions, each session of training will reduce the minus you get for non-profeicency by 1 untill the fourth session when you gain the feat needed for the weapon. This can be done a number of times equal to the characters Intelligence bonus+1 (this is always a 1 a character with a negative int bonus still gets the 1)

Rolled Hitpoints: Hitpoints will be rolled every level but all 1's will be rerolled once. (If you roll a second one thats what you keep)

Dice rolls: Dice on floor and on edge will be rerolled.

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